The Art for the Heart Workshop

A Day of Personal Discovery and Spiritual Growth
through Collage and Journaling

Live your life fom your heart. Share from your heart.
And your story will touch and heal people’s souls.
– Melody Beattie

We all long to be whole-hearted people – to live and love and connect with others meaningfully. But many things get in the way. We are busy and tired. We are afraid and hurt. Sometimes it seems that the truths that we know in our head don’t have the power to defeat the lies that have gripped our hearts.

Art for the Heart workshops offer a dynamic combination of collage and journaling that will allow you to connect to your own story and see how it fits into a larger Story of Love. The process is simple and fun, but surprisingly revealing. You’ll be amazed at how working with images and glue sticks can elicit deep responses in your soul!

No artistic skills or experience are required. All you need are an open heart and the willingness to let the process impact you.

The workshop includes a brief teaching, a thoughtful collaging process, time for responding to some journaling prompts, and small group discussions led by experienced facilitators.

All the materials for the day will be supplied, as well as ideas for how to continue the process at home and use your collage and journal entries in your daily life.

Don’t miss the adventure!


Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller, M.A., LMHC#9860, has been conducting Art for the Heart workshops since 2005 when she first encountered the powerful collage and journaling process in her personal journey of emotional healing and spiritual growth. She brings the rich experience of her own story to each workshop, candidly sharing some of her collage images and journal entries to illustrate the techniques and benefits of the Art for the Heart process.

Debbie adopts a psychodynamic model of change, recognizing the need for both right- and left-hemisphere brain functions to be engaged for lasting change to take place. But she is also keenly aware that the mysterious union with Christ is at the center of all healing. She believes that Art for the Heart, with its combination of creating visual images and written journal entries about those images, accomplishes therapeutic goals in fun and surprising ways, drawing on the power of the Holy Spirit and connecting participants with their hearts and each other in unique ways.

Debbie is a graduate of Reformed Theological seminary and Director of Living Water Counseling, a ministry of Ascension Church in the Dr. Phillips/Windermere area. She also serves as the Director of Adult Faith Formation at Ascension. Currently, Debbie is being certified as a facilitator for Connections, Dr. Brené Brown’s curriculum to promote vulnerability and shame-resilience.

Debbie has conducted dozens of workshops from topics as diverse as emotional healing prayer to how-to increase participation in recycling programs. She frequently teaches at her church, and she is a regular speaker at women’s retreats.

Married since 1989, Debbie resides in Orlando with her husband, Brian. She enjoys expressing herself through mixed-media collage, jewelry-making, gourmet cooking, and knitting.

The Gallery

These images are sample collages produced using Art for the Heart techniques by participants and group facilitators. Each collage tells a part of a larger story of personal experience. Exploring these images through journaling helps to reveal the deeply personal nature of each image as well as the archetypal nature of our struggles and joys.